Greetings! I’m Tom Bricker, and this is my travel photography blog. I first got hooked on travel after making visits to various Disney theme parks around the world and in the process of trying to visit all of the U.S. National Parks. Over the last few years, my travel has snowballed, and now in addition to traveling to a variety of destinations, I’m making a lot of quick getaways and extended trips to a multitude of destinations.

This in large part occurred when my wife and I relocated to Southern California after living in the Midwest all our lives. Working remotely at our ‘normal’ jobs while living in California enabled us to travel more, and also live like tourists with regular day trips to Los Angeles to explore the city’s amazing culture, architecture, entertainment, and food.

In addition to exploring California and its endless points of interest and attractions, we’ve also spent a lot of time traveling elsewhere. Hawaii and Japan are often cheap flights from Los Angeles, and we’ve also taken advantage of great travel deals in Europe. In the last 3 years, we’ve spent over 3 full months in Japan, and several weeks in Europe. Over the course of 2017, we’ve already returned to Japan and Hawaii, with another trip to France planned as well as a return to Japan.

While we aren’t yet experts on California, Japan, Hawaii, or Europe, our goal is to share our experiences from those locations (and beyond) on this blog. Unlike our Disney blog, which strives to provide comprehensive resources based upon years of visits to the Disney theme parks, this is more of an eclectic mix of trip reports, reviews and tips from points of interest we’ve visited, and my photography.

Speaking of photography, all of the photos on this blog are taken by me. First and foremost, this is a travel photography blog, as I am a photographer. But, I realize that I’m also a blogger, so it’s also a travel photography blog. What’s the difference, besides that I’ve italicized different words in the preceding sentence? Well, the former would focus on beautiful photos and not worry so much about travel tips and that sort of thing. By contrast, the latter wouldn’t worry so much about pretty photos and would try to give advice. From my perspective, the latter is a lot less glamorous.

Being a photographer is exciting: getting up at sunrise, chasing the good light, and capturing a jaw-dropping shot. Being a blogger is awkward: sitting alone in a restaurant taking photos of food, writing about the comfort of bedding, and other odd things that are far from glamorous. Most blogs are one or the other, focusing on aspiring photographers or wanderlust travelers as an audience. This blog is both…or at least, it tries to be. Don’t worry, it’ll still be plenty awkward.  

I hope you’ll become a regular reader of this blog, but have to give fair warning that a lot of this stuff is going to be so obscure that it’ll probably be of approximately 0 interest to almost everyone. One thing I have learned from traveling is that often Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews leave a lot to be desired. So, if a review of some bizarre off-the-beaten path experience that I found interesting might help even a couple of fellow travelers have a similarly enjoyable time, I’m going to share it.

I am available to answer your questions or for entertainment at your next office party (you provide the clown costume). If you’re interested in contacting me or advertising here, please visit the Contact page.

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