Big Sur

Keyhole Arch “Light Show” on Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur

For a few weeks each year during the Winter Solstice, the sunset casts an ethereal glow through Keyhole Arch on Big Sur’s Pfeiffer Beach that is absolutely breathtaking. This natural phenomenon doesn’t have fixed dates, but the prime time for the best light is early January, with good-to-great light occurring from around December 15 until […]

Focus Stacking Photography Tutorial

Today’s technique is photo stacking, a way of achieving greater depth of field by combining multiple exposures with each shot having different areas of the photo in focus. I first learned of this technique recently, and have only tried it out a couple of times in Death Valley and Big Sur because, frankly, I think […]

Pacific Coast Highway Trip Report – Part 2

Part 1 of my Pacific Coast Highway Trip Report left off with a nail-biting shootout with a squad of FBI agents, and left readers wondering whether our heroes would escape in a blaze of glory. Okay, that’s not quite what happened, but on our way up from Shark Fin Cove, we were stopped by two […]

Pacific Coast Highway Trip Report – Part 1

Over on DisneyTouristBlog, numerous readers have expressed interest in reading additional trip reports as a way to live vicariously through some of my experiences (their words, not mine). While that request was most certainly aimed at my Disney experiences, the simple fact (as I stated over there) is that writing another Walt Disney World or Disneyland trip […]