Planning Guides

City and vacation planning guides for our favorite places around the world, including Japan (Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka), California (Los Angeles, Laguna Beach), and many more!

Laguna Beach, California Vacation Planning Guide

Looking for a relaxing seaside vacation in Southern California? Laguna Beach is the perfect destination, and in this planning guide we’ll offer tips for visiting, things to do, places to eat, and more that you need to know about Laguna Beach, California. We love Laguna Beach. It’s our favorite of the beach cities, and one […]

Himeji, Japan City Travel Guide

For many visitors, particularly those with the Japan Rail Pass, Himeji Castle is a popular day trip from Kyoto or Osaka. This guide covers the city of Himeji, and offers our tips for things to do, how to get there, and dining tips based upon our trips to Himeji for cherry blossom, fall colors, and other seasons. […]

Hong Kong City Guide

In this Hong Kong travel guide, we’ll share tips from our visits to the city, including things to do, when to visit, transportation info, where to eat, hotel options, and more. Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating and fun cities in the world, a place where the whole is more than the sum of […]