Thanks for being a reader of the TravelCaffeine newsletter! This page contains free downloaded iPhone wallpapers, available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. These wallpapers feature photos shot by me (Tom Bricker) in California, U.S. National Parks, Europe, Asia, and beyond!

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We offer these travel photography phone wallpapers totally free of charge to newsletter subscribers, but we do ask that you not use or reproduce them for any commercial purposes (non-commercial ones are totally fine).

The wallpapers below have been created with the screen resolution and dimensions of the iPhone 7 in mind. As such, they are backwards compatible with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, and numerous other earlier models. They will also work with most Android phones and other brands that have similar screen resolutions.

To start with, we’re offering 4 wallpapers, but we will add a new wallpaper with each installment of our newsletter, so keep an eye on your email! Here they are, with instructions below…

Okay, now some instructions for obtaining the high-res files so that these landscape (well, portrait-oriented scenery…you get the idea!) photos look crisp and beautiful as your iPhone wallpaper…


1. While using your iPhone, tap the photo you would like to use.
2. Touch the icon displaying four arrows pointing outwards to expand the photo.
3. Touch and hold the photo and “Save Image” when prompted.
4. In your Photos app, with the photo selected, tap the button the lower left that opens the image options to “Use as Wallpaper.”
5. Depending upon the model of phone you’re using, you may have to adjust the photo, resizing it and scaling it down by pinching with your fingers and moving it around.


Even if you have an Android or some other smart phone that isn’t an iPhone, these should work. If there are any particular photo subjects you’d like to see for a future TravelCaffeine Newsletter wallpaper, please let us know in the comments below.

If you’d like to see or purchase additional photos I’ve shot from places around the world, please visit my photography portfolio. If you’d like to use my photos for free at home or for other non-commercial purposes, please review my Photo Usage Policies (and where you can just download other photos for free).


Your Thoughts

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