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Let’s start with a little background about the eBooks. We have created these eBooks because we wanted to offer a token of our appreciation to readers who have supported the site by signing up for our free email newsletter.

These eBooks are PDF files that are optimized for reading on a computer or mobile device, including any smart phone or tablet…basically, anything with a screen. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can open them in iBooks for an optimal reading experience…

Our Japan on a Budget eBook is 20 pages long and offers concise recommendations for saving money on airfare to Japan, transportation within the country, accommodations, groceries, souvenirs, restaurants, temples, and more.

This Japan on a Budget eBook is the product of our multi-month stays in Japan, when we live like locals and attempt to cut costs as much as possible. Some of the things we do (like book month-long apartment rentals) obviously won’t be feasible for a shorter trip. However other advice, like the best time to visit neighborhood supermarkets for deals on sushi, is applicable to anyone–and can help you experience Japan more like a local, in addition to saving a ton of money!

You can download your copy of our Japan on a Budget eBook here:

Our 101 Things to Do in Southern California eBook is 50+ pages, includes 75+ photos, and features chapters covering Los Angeles (and sections for each neighborhood), San Diego, the Beach Cities, the Valley, and beyond! Each of the 101 things to do in the eBook includes a synopsis of the point of interest or activity, our thoughts regarding it based upon our experiences, random tips that might be useful, and links to more comprehensive planning resources.

Please note that the eBook does not attempt to be a comprehensive all-in-one planning guide for a visit to Southern California. Rather, it’s focused squarely on our favorite things to do in and around Los Angeles–based on what we’ve done thus far. As our coverage of SoCal continues to grow, we’ll be adding a wealth of other resources for planning your California vacation or road trip, so stay tuned! This is just one piece of the puzzle.

You can download your copy of our 101 Things to Do in Southern California eBook here:

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We hope that you enjoy this eBook, and that it helps in making your trip to Southern California even more enjoyable! If you have any questions, or would like additional tips for visiting, please drop us a line in the comments.

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