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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is a 5-Star luxury kotel adjacent to the Hong Kong Convention Center along Victoria Harbour. Guest rooms are well-appointed, and many feature stunning views of the harbor and Hong Kong skyline. Much like the city of Hong Kong itself, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has the feel of “East Meets West.” Unlike many major Western hotel brands in Asia that are simply isolated Western outposts in foreign lands, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is actually a fusion of Western culture and Hong Kong & Chinese culture, which is apparent from the decor of the hotel and rooms to the staff to the menus at the restaurants.

This review concerns the premises of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and the standard room in which we stayed during our visit. Although our hotel was essentially in the business district of Hong Kong, we found the location to be excellent. It was an easy walk to an MTR station, close to the harbour, and although we didn’t use the adjacent convention center, it was nice to have it nearby, as that connected us to the veritable labyrinth of elevated covered walkways connecting a good portion of the buildings in Hong Kong to one another. In short, it was a fabulous hotel and we would not hesitate to return.

Let’s start out with a look at some of the common areas…


The lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is stunning, with flowers set out above a water feature that gives the space a kinetic energy as the grand staircase winds around it. The lobby is exactly what you’d expect of a high-end Hyatt property, with beautiful finishings, a nice sweeping design, and a variety of textures to give it depth and character. It’s just plain pretty.


From what I’ve read on FlyerTalk, the ‘best’ amenity at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is its 24-venue meeting spaces, with unparalleled staff attention to any needs or wants that arise during the course of business. Since we were traveling for leisure, rather than for business, we did not have occasion to take advantage of this amenity, but it’s worth noting for those who are traveling for business purposes.


Here’s a partial look at the pool and playground. It’s really a coincidence they’re in the photo at all. I snapped this photo because of the way the morning light was creeping over the mountain and between the buildings. I thought it looked nice. It’s entirely a coincidence that the pool is even in the photo. (We didn’t use the pool, so no feedback on it.)


During out stay, the hotel was in the process of refurbishing its guest rooms, a process which is anticipated to be completed by the end of this year. You can take a look at the new rooms here. While the new rooms look great, do not be concerned if your stay here is in the pre-renovation rooms. This refurbishment is proactive so that the rooms don’t become dated, rather than reactive because the rooms are dated. The update seems to be more a matter of style, with a focus on darker tones and a design-forward approach with modern cues.

Our room was quite nice. The neutral color tones were not as eye-catching as some other Hyatts we’ve experienced, but overall the design was very strong, and space was utilized exceptionally well. The main area of the rooms is not particularly large, but every inch of space was maximized so that it didn’t feel cramped or small.


The bathroom was the highlight of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong hotel room, and for all of the main room that was subdued, the bathroom was not. Rather than using neutral colors, the bathroom was full of contrast.


The bathroom was essentially marble as far as the eye can see! From the beautiful marble to the excellent fixtures, the bathroom screamed luxury, whereas the main room had only whispered it. Like the room, it also utilized space surprisingly well, with separate spaces for the tub and shower.


As is the case with many of the rooms in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, our room overlooked Victoria Harbour. While we never had a beautiful sunrise or sunset to take advantage of this view, it was great for watching the nightly Symphony of Lights synchronized laser and multimedia show (not to be missed).


The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has nine restaurants, several of which are highly regarded. We really wanted to try One Harbour Road, the authentic Cantonese restaurant in the hotel, but sadly, we did not have the time.

We only dined at the Grand Cafe for breakfast on two mornings, opting for it as a quick way to start our day while trying local restaurants as we were out exploring the town. We both opted for the Grand Buffet each morning (~$41 US per person) and were incredibly impressed. It had excellent Western and Chinese options, and was incredibly expansive. While $40 per person is normally more than we’d pay for breakfast, we felt that it was well worth the cost in this case.


Overall, the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is a beautiful property in an excellent location. Clearly, the hotel is more tailored towards the needs of business travelers given its location and meeting space amenities, but it is also an excellent hotel for leisure travel. Of the Hyatts at which we have stayed, the Park Hyatt Tokyo remains the gold standard, but the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is an excellent hotel that is worthy of its accolades.

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Your Thoughts…

Have you stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong? What did you think of it? Stayed at another hotel in Hong Kong that you would recommend? Please share your questions and thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    Amazing hotel, but totally overpriced compared to the Renaissance Hotel, which is next door (I’m convinced its attached). They both have great views and a perfect location and wan chai is loads of fun for nightlife.

    I found the GYM to be Meh, but the seafood buffet (at a small 100$ pp) was great with unlimited kobe beed, lobster tails, crab legs, etc…really was a neat dinner by the pool

    • Greg
      Greg says:

      If you go again, there is an amazing dumpling place near the skywalk (right near the hyatt) – its traditional, but amazing food for great prices. Also, there is a rooftop bar near the HSBC center (just tell cabbie about rooftop bar near that) with really neat views of the city and the skyscrapers.

      BTW…if you ever go to Singapore, go to one raffles bar (highest open bar in the world) with amazing views of the harbor, Malaysia, etc…its wild!

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