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Mythos is a table service restaurant at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure park that is regularly regarded as one of the best values in theme park dining in Florida. It receives a lot of hype due to the value it offers, and so many friends recommended it that it was on my must-do list when I visited Universal Orlando Resort for the first time as an adult.

It’s tough for any theme park restaurant that receives this level of hype to live up to the accolades. The bad news is that even Mythos couldn’t live up to the hype. The good news is that, unlike some over-hyped restaurants (I’m looking at you, Le Cellier!), I was still really satisfied with my meal and the value it offered. I didn’t leave the restaurant clutching my wallet in pain.

In fact, I’d be inclined to agree with those who rank it so highly. Here’s why…

For starters, the ambiance and theming at Mythos is really solid. Mythos is located in the Lost Continent land at Islands of Adventure. This land is basically a continent that people lost (astute observation, right?)…or to ancient mythology, and legends.


The name ‘Mythos’ is reflective of this, and looks like a cavern that pays homage to the gods whose legends so frequently play a prominent role in this mythology.


It feels almost as if it could be the ancient hideaway of some scholar in Athens who would bring his pupils inside to learn about the gods. I ate here during the day, but I’ll bet the atmosphere is brilliantly moody at night.


Just as important as that atmosphere is the menu…and the prices on that menu. Virtually every entree is under $20, and this includes swordfish, salmon, and beef medallions. Yes, this is a sit-down restaurant in a theme park. Before my visit, I had always heard Mythos described as “fine dining” (I wouldn’t call it that), and I expected “theme park fine dining” prices to go along with that.

I’d call the menu pretty standard American fare–you can see the current menu for yourself here.


The meal started with pretty average bread.


However–HOWEVER–that bread is served with butter with the Universal Orlando Resort logo in it. I know this is such a minor, seemingly insignificant thing, but it totally made my day, and I took way too many photos of that butter. (I’ll only share this one–you’re welcome.) For me, it’s the little details that make the parks, and I’d love to see more like this.


I made the mistake of ordering a sushi appetizer. The sushi was fine, but at $10, it was half the price of my entree. If you’re going for a “good value” at Mythos, I’d recommend skipping the appetizers, desserts, and specialty drinks.


Another mistake I made was ordering this orange drink. It was good, but not worth the money. I think both this and the appetizer were a byproduct of my shock when I saw the menu prices. They were so much lower than what I expected that I almost loudly shouted “TWO OF EVERY ANIMAL!” when the server took my order.


For my entree, I ordered the Beef Medallions, which were served with potatoes and assorted other random veggies. Solid presentation, and the beef itself was perfectly cooked and fairly tender (but not perfectly so). No complaints about the sides, either.

While it was not on par with a $40 or $50 steak you might find at a Walt Disney World Signature Restaurant, it was also $20, not $40-50, so there’s that. I’d order it again.


A friend who went to the restaurant with me ordered the Pad Thai. I think he was pretty satisfied with the meal, but I don’t recall any specific feedback. Really helpful, right? (Hey, at least I have the photo.)


Someone else in our party had the swordfish. Again, I don’t recall their exact comments, but hey, at least there’s a photo.


Overall, Mythos is an unparalleled theme park restaurant in terms of value for money, and, I think, would be a solid real world restaurant in terms of value for money. Theme parks are notorious for (understandable) price inflation for convenience, location, etc., so that’s really saying something. Mythos is the kind of restaurant where, were I not a weird blogger wanting to eat at a variety of places for the sake of content, I would eat every trip. Not only are the prices right, but the theme is nice, and the food is good. With that said, I think it’s far from the best theme park restaurant in the world strictly in terms of cuisine quality, but once you throw value for money into the equation, it’s an absolute winner that’s near the top of the list of overall best theme park restaurants.

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Your Thoughts…

Do you agree or disagree with any of my thoughts on Mythos? Are you a fan of this ‘award-winning’ restaurant, or do you think it’s overrated? Interested in eating here? Have any questions or other thoughts? Please share below in the comments!

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  1. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Thanks for reviewing Mythos! I’d heard things about it as well, but mainly “it’s cheap, but overrated” so I hadn’t tried it yet. It seems we always end up going to one of the Harry Potter restaurants, which while I like their theming, I’m not really into British food. So, I will definitely be checking Mythos out soon!


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