Taizoin Temple Info: Kyoto, Japan Tips

Taizoin Temple is home to some of Kyoto, Japan’s best gardens, and is the oldest and most famous subtemple of the even more famous Myoshinji. In this post, we’ll take a stroll through this stunning garden, past the iconic weeping cherry tree, karesansui, and Yoko-en Pond, sharing photos of all these beautiful features of Taizoin […]

Tofukuji Temple Info: Kyoto, Japan Tips

Tofukuji Temple is famous for its fall colors, Hojo Garden, and having some of the largest and oldest free grounds in Kyoto, Japan. The most iconic scene at the temple is its valley of autumn foliage under Tsutenkyo Bridge, which draws visitors from around the world. In this post, we’ll share photos and our experiences at […]

10 Glorious Gardens of Kyoto

Kyoto has the most glorious gardens in all of Japan. From karesansui Zen rock gardens to stroll gardens, the best exemplars of the art of Japanese gardening can be found in Kyoto. In this post, I’ll share my favorite gardens in Kyoto. Fair warning: it was difficult to narrow down Kyoto’s garden highlights to a […]

Kyoto’s Moss Temple: Steve Jobs’ Favorite Place in Japan

Kokedera, also known as Saihoji, also known as the Moss Temple, is one of the most spectacular places in Kyoto, Japan. It’s one of the most difficult to access UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not because of remote location, but because of a cumbersome mail-only reservation process. Finally, it has gained some recognition as being Steve Jobs […]

Okochi Sanso Villa Info, Tips & Review

Okochi Sanso Villa (大河内山荘) is a garden and the former residence of Denjirō Ōkōchi, a famous Japanese actor, located in Kyoto, Japan. In this post, we’ll share photos from Okochi Sanso Villa & Gardens, plus thoughts from our visit, and whether it’s worth the money. For many visitors to Japan, a stop at one of […]